a Glimpse of Baduy

Not all those who wanders are lost – J.R.R. Tolkien

*not followed by a beautiful pic of the nature – sorry

I was in need for travel. Hence, I texted my friend Lulu on March 2017 and asked where can I travel during weekend.

Do you want to visit Baduy? The scenery is nice and they have a good trekking route. Also, Baduy people are the most good-looking ones.

He visited Baduy last year so I agreed immediately and Evan also joined. Decision was made on Thursday and we traveled on Saturday. All of us are university friends, thus it is quite easy to travel altogether.

We used a car for this journey. Started from my house in Tebet, South Jakarta area to Ciboleger Bus Station. The journey took about 4 hours drive.

Creative name of minimarket during our trip
terminal ciboleger.png

Ciboleger Bus Station

There was some administrative costs by the local in Ciboleger Bus Station by the locals. Prepare IDR 20.000 – IDR 50.000 before you start trekking. Price is depends on your negotiation skills and looks.

After some discussions with the locals, we started trekking with Kang Juli, our guide. Kang Juli is a native Inner Baduy. Our initial plan was to track to Cibeo and stay overnight there in Inner Baduy. However, due to the reason that Kawalu (Baduy Holy Ceremony that prohibits tourists to visit Inner Baduy from Feb to Apr) was ongoing, we switched trekking road to Cipaler Village, located in Outer Baduy. Difference between Inner Baduy & Outher Baduy.

We started the trek at 1PM. Cipaler Village, situated after Ciboleger, Kaduketug, Balimbing, Gazebo, and Cikakal. Thus, we need to pass 5 villages to reach our destination.

At the start of our trek
Typical trekking road

I did not take any picture when I visited Ciboleger and Kaduketug. But, when we arrived at Balimbing village, I gazed by the scenery. The village looked like I traveled back in time.  Trip from Ciboleger Bus Station to Balimbing took about 20 minutes.

Entrance of Balimbing Village
Balimbing Village

After Balimbing, we arrived at Gazebo Village. This is the place where most of the tourists stay. Gazebo has resourceful water access situated alongside with rivers, plenty of houses, densely populated area, and can be reached moderately easy.

Gazebo river
In front of the houses in Gazebo Village

After Gazebo Village, the trek is going up hill to Cikakal and Cipaler. For me, trekking road from Cikakal to Cipaler was very steep. Evan and I were both sweaty in the process. Lulu is part of students nature lovers club of university, so I guess it was no big deal for him. Furthermore, we need to balance the pace with Kang Juli. He walked tremendously fast with a bare foot along with 15 years of guiding experience.

On top of the Karohel Mountain
Cipaler Village in a distance

In the distance the village looked like a cool ninja-village. Located on top of the mountain beneath the forest. We arrived at Cipaler Village around 4PM then rested and had dinner with Kang Juli’s relatives. If you want to stay with the locals, prepare to bring your own food and money to make donation. You can bring raw material and ask natives to cook for you. In our case, we brought rice, shrimp, corned beef, sardines, and meat floss.

(from left to right) Evan; Kang Juli; Lulu

During dinner, there was this conversation that I will not forget:

Kang Juli: I have friends in Jakarta, visited them in Kelapa Gading, Rawamangun, Pondok Labu, Kebon Jeruk, etc.

Lulu: Are you using any bus from here?

Kang Juli: No, I usually walked from here to Jakarta. It took me 4 days for one-way walk.

*Three of us utterly shocked at the moment*

After dinner, we trekked down to Ciboleger Bus Station right away. It was pitch dark at 7PM and we started to descent using 2 flashlights and 1 headlamp. Kang Juli hold his flashlight, but he rarely use it. I wonder why though…

Trekking road at night

We did not meet any other trekkers on our way down. It was a quite, peaceful, and sweaty trek. We arrived at Ciboleger Bus Station at 9PM. Took a bath and went straight to Jakarta. We arrived at Jakarta around 1.30PM.

Cost Breakdown

  • Guest registration at Ciboleger Bus Station: IDR 20.000 (voluntary donation)
  • Guest registration to trek: IDR 12.000 (IDR 4.000/person)
  • Mineral water during trek: IDR 28.000 (4 bottles, IDR 7.000/bottle)
  • Donation for locals that cook our meal in Cipaler: IDR 50.000
  • Kang Juli’s fees: IDR 100.000
  • Parking: IDR 20.000
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