Her Cough Melt My Heart

Sunday night – 11 PM.

Just finished my GMAT study at the biggest coffee shop in one of Jakarta’s busiest district.

As I exited the parking, there was a girl aged around around 8 years old standing by the ticket booth. She held 2 tissue packs on her hands.

She said, “Tissue, Pak?” (Tissue, Sir?)

I sat there by silent. Intentionally showed her that I was not interested to buy those tissue packs.

Believed by the logic that if I buy those packs, she will stand there again tomorrow – selling tissue packs.

While I was waiting to collect my parking ticket, she coughed once.

Then twice.

Then thrice.

Couldn’t hold my sense, I reached Rp20.000 inside my wallet and gave it to her.

She gave me 2 tissue packs.

I said, “Istirahat ya.” (Take a break, please)

She replied, “Mau tissuenya lagi Pak?” (You want more tissue Packs, Sir?”)

I glanced and saw 3 more tissue packs for her to sell. Then, I felt pity over her.

I said, “Udah..makasih ya” (It’s enough, thank you)

As I drove home, I kept thinking – maybe those kind of kids do not need long term solution. They just want to survive on daily basis. Then I feel glad, that I did not stick with my stiff idealism – an idealism that refuse to help others.



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