25 Hours of My 24th Birthday

7th August 2018

21.00 – Received WA from Jessica that Marsha’s sister passed away in RS Dharmais

22.30 – Arrived at Dharmais, met Amin, Marsha, Tommy, Jessica. Kinda stuck with this Canisius-Theresia relationships even though I am the only one single.

23.30 – Finished grieving. Went to De Burse with Amin. Had a deep random conversation about life, career, education, relationship, master degree, and finally death of a family member experience.

8th August 2018

00.14 – First person to say happy birthday was obviously Amin. Second? De Burse Bartender.

01.00 – Went home.

02.30 – 07.30 – Sleeping

07.30 – Mom woke me up and wished her most handsome son a happy birthday. She told me that my sister already left to Flores for 1 week trip. Safe travel & enjoy, sist!

10.00 – Congratulated by co-workers.

11.30 – Got my late e-mail from MatahariMall HR


16.30 – Surprised by office co-workers. Turned out fail because of my incredible speed to walked through my desk while they were still preparing birthday cake.

19.30 – Did my 7.5 kilometers run at GOR Soemantri with Amanda & Novi from GMAT Class. We will hike Mount Semeru in the next 2 weeks. Godspeed!

20.30 – Went home, promised a birthday dinner with Mom at home.

21.15 – Arrived at home.
Mom: “Anto just passed away 10 minutes ago”
I just stood there over 30 seconds. Can’t believe what she said…
Ian: “What?” – trying to reconfirmed what she said
Mom: “Heart attack when playing basketball.”

Anto is the coolest cousin in my family. Aged 38, he had been living in the Australia since high school. He just married last year in Bali. His wedding is the funkiest wedding I’ve ever attended to. Wedding by the beach, free open bar, fire dancers, stories from best men and bridesmaids. It just the best. Also, his wife just pregnant for 2 months.

Good bye Bang Anto, may you rest in peace up there with Dede…

21.30 – Ate my dinner alone. Mom went to Anto’s parents house – since we live in same residence.

22.00 – Mom got back. Just finished my dinner. I made homemade sangria for me and Mom. We drank and talked for several minutes. Then I went up and started to write this post.


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